WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Leader Platform

Bespoke gamified, modular learning platform for business leaders

A fantastic project that is still growing and developing, and now has members from organisations in eighty countries around the world.


WorldBlu business learning and gamification web application

Iowa-based WorldBlu LLC engaged me for the development of a completely new membership-based platform for business learning. Using my experience in complex systems architecture I built the platform from the ground-up, a true blank-sheet of paper exercise. It was an opportunity to introduce some unique user-interface elements and a number of innovative ideas for the curriculum and community.

We came to Mike with a vision of building a customized leadership gamification platform and he built something that looks amazing, functions beautifully, is coded so well and makes us look great to our clients. Mike is extremely creative, highly dependable, strategic and fantastic at execution.

There are a number of different programs running within the platform, all based around a modular curriculum with various awards and certifications available. The platform encourages collaboration and a sense of community through interactive community groups, means for involving the members in the development of their peers, and a facebook-style community-feed; This approach leads to increased participation, thus producing greater rewards and also helps develops the depth of content and richness of experience for the users.

The admin tools allow the freedom to create and define new modules at will with rich and varied content, as well as tools for moderating the work.

On launch it was received with acclaim by both WorldBlu and the first users, while the modular design of the architecture means that since then a number of new elements have been introduced with ease and minimum disruption, and it continues to evolve and grow significantly in capability.

The platform is membership-only but you can learn more about WorldBlu by visiting

WorldBlu business learning and gamification web application screenshot

WorldBlu business learning and gamification web application screengrab

WorldBlu business learning and gamification web application screengrab