Why Mikesimagination

Reasons to use our web developer services

Doing Things Differently

Have you ever had the feeling, when discussing your website or web development project with a designer, developer or agency, that you were being offered something simply because that was all the persons in question knew how to do, or had the feeling that nobody was taking the time to understand your requirements, or your business, and rather was offering a standard one-size fits all approach… or simply told you that what you wanted wasn’t possible? If so then mikesimagination.net can help.


I can't speak too highly of Mike. I think he offers exceptional value for money and a completely bespoke service. He comes up with elegant solutions that are incredibly user friendly. His approach is always "How can I do this" rather than "This is going to be difficult/impossible/expensive.". He's a great find!

Jane Thurnell-Read, Director, Life-Work Potential (Exeter, GB)


Core to our ethos is a belief in doing our utmost to understand your web development requirements and doing whatever is necessary to deliver something  of which you will be proud, and that will support the growth of your business for many years to come.

Not only do we focus on delivering stuff that looks good and is easy to use, with a software engineering background we're also obsessed with what's under the hood, all of our code is single-mindedly optimised to be as efficient as possible for the job in question. It means that all of our designs run extremely fast on even low powered servers thus giving your users the best experience possible and saving you money.


Absolutely outstanding to work with and the person we go back to time and time again for various projects as we grow. I highly recommend Mike if you want to build a truly world-class product with a person who takes pride in his work and truly cares about his clients.

Traci Fenton, Director, WorldBlu LLC (Iowa, USA)


Fortunately, your approach to building a complex website welcomes input, feedback and followup. You listened, created, refined, tweaked and, when we had a change of mind, effortlessly accommodated all requests and revisions. No adjustment in appearance or functionality was overlooked. Your commitment resulted in a design and flow that visually enunciates our philosophy and purpose, capturing our essence in a commercial website that is so much more than that!

Jean Bardaji, Director, Camtec Photo, Montreal

Skilled & Experienced

Based in Cornwall, UK, but with a growing portfolio of clients around the world, the driving force behind Mikesimagination.net is a notable combination of more than 20 years of experience on the cutting edge of software design, system architecture,  and user-interface development as a Masters-qualified senior flight simulation software engineer with a blue-chip aerospace corporation together with a talent for producing highly functional and visually attractive designs for the web.


Mike (& his team) were so very different in their approach, an incredibly talented individual from a technical point of view he will not accept second best & his attention to detail has been awe inspiring... I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike, in fact, if my company operated in his sector then I'd probably be trying to hire him myself.

Alex Callister, Director, Trial Balance Consulting (Cornwall, GB)

As web development specialists we work locally in Cornwall with a number of talented individuals and design agencies for areas such as graphic design thus enabling us to bring together the best match of skills that your project requires. You can choose to work directly with us at all times such that all aspects of your project are overseen by Mikesimagination.net. Alternatively if you already have a designer that you work with then we are happy to work on that basis, a number of our relationships are with established businesses that have in-house design studios.


Impeccable Reputation

No business has ever used the services of  mikesimagination.net and then left us to use web developer services elsewhere, but we have acquired plenty of clients unable to find what they needed elsewhere. We have a reputation based on technical excellence, clear communication, offering excellent value for money and a down to earth approach. If you have a project in mind then do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your requirements. It costs nothing and if we feel that we can't offer the best value for your needs then we do work with other developers and agencies that may be better placed to serve you and will happily refer you on.

By applying the highest degree of professionalism, technical ability and attention to detail combined with a good looking, intuitive user interface Mikesimagination.net is especially well placed to deliver a project that is highly functional, durable, able to grow with your business and that should be expected to return value worth many times the initial investment.