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Mike is an absolutely world-class developer. We came to him with an advanced business gamification idea that he was able to bring to life on time and under budget. He co-created the entire concept with us, adding in strategic and conceptual insights that greatly enhanced the platform. Because of Mike, we are now poised to become a multi-million dollar company and impact people all over the world in a positive way. I cannot recommend more highly!

- Traci Fenton, Founder + CEO, WorldBlu (USA)


Initially launched in April 2014 after an intensive period of development,  and still evolving, this business learning / gamification platform combines a collaborative learning community, tools for rich and varied content creation, a number of innovative interactive processes that leverage the community aspect of the platform and an extremely engaging user-interface that all together serve to drive user engagement and growth. On it's launch it was received with acclaim by both WorldBlu and the first users. It is now growing in features and capability as the community grows and is already forming the basis of an organisation level platform. Development of the platform began with a truly blank sheet of paper that enabled the introduction of many new ways of doing things, very much a departure from current standards for this type of application.

The platform also uses Mozilla's Open Badges protocol that allows users to share their authenticated achievements around the web.


The platform is different than any other I've seen in a good way. Nice work.

- Broc Edwards, SVP, Director of Learning & Leadership (US)


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