Ethical Power

Note: limited screenshots are available due to the business proprietary nature of much of the content. Contact Tom at Ethical Power for more details. was engaged by Ethical Power to develop a web-based application to fulfil two primary purposes: The first being an administration 'tool' for managing all aspects of their solar energy installations.. not only handling rolling tariff updates, meter readings, reporting (financial and otherwise), invoicing and so on but also monitoring the performance of their installations and hence fault monitoring.

The second aspect was to provide client and investor facing 'dashboards' with tools to allow both clients and investors to see how their installations are performing, download various reports and so on. A number of clients are schools so the platform also includes dynamically generated pictorial representations that can be used in an educational context. The various reporting tools also feature subtle animations to help keep the user experience as engaging and intuitive as possible.


There are presently around 100 sites around the UK being managed by the application with more being added on a regular basis.


It has changed the way we do business..

- Tom Kneen, director, Ethical Power Ltd


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