ArtEye Creative Consultancy

Fine Art for Inspired Spaces

ArtEye Creative Consultancy contacted and Design Room Cornwall in late 2015 to kick off a project for a new site that could support the rapid growth of the ArtEye's business. The brief was quite demanding with requirements for a high end brochure feel appropriate to the market in which ArtEye operates, rich magazine-style layouts, lots of portfolios, artists directory, a members area with paid subscriptions, premium content, client preferences and access to consultancy services, amongst others. The end result has been very well received and over the few months since the site was launched is growing to be a terrific resource in addition to being a superb brochure for ArtEye.

To achieve the magazine style layouts while still retaining a super intuitive admin user interface a number of 'widgets' for the editors were developed that allow a variety of content wrappers to be inserted into single editor instances that can then be configured and styled to achieve the complex layouts required. It means that essentially the page layouts can be created on the fly inside the editors by an admin user without any need for multiple templates, or complex editor setups. The site uses the modular content management system (CMS) and hence is well placed to accommodate updates and changes for years into the future with minimal overheads as the business evolves.