Advanced Chemical Intermediates

Advanced Chemical Intermediates needed a site that would give them an advantage over their competitors in terms of providing direct access to their extensive catalogue of chemical entities as well as providing an advanced suite of back-office tools for managing that catalogue.

For the customer the site incorporates a flexible, powerful tool for finding and specifying entities as well as integrating the JSME editor for drawing molecules and matching against the catalogue. Orders can be placed online with up-to date status as regards availability, lead time and pricing for their global client portfolio.

For the back office the database synchronises with a specialist off-line tool with a powerful step-by-step import tool, provides intuitive tools for managing the catalogue and keeping it current, and handles online conversion of uploaded molecule diagrams to a format suitable for web display.

The site of course is designed to offer full functionality on mobiles and tablets, and optimised for maximising market exposure through search engines.


we think you've done a great job. Very impressed with what you've done here. The functionality is perfect, and it looks beautiful, and operates brilliantly. All very quickly delivered with great communication throughout the project.

- Jim Metcalf, Director ACINTs Ltd


You can also read a little more about this project here on the blog.


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custom checmicals search website


JSME editor integration to website