When a website, such as this one, is intended to represent professional services it is easy to lose sight of the people, or in this case the person behind it.

When looking to hire a developer it is generally a good idea to consider skills and experience first and foremost, but when hiring you're also hiring a person, not just a CV. While 'we' work with a number of talented individuals - designers, illustrators and so on, the core business is primarily Mike;  clients often say they enjoy our working relationships because of the person as much as, if not more, than the productivity. With that in mind what follows is something of a personal rather than a professional profile.



I started out with a career as an aerospace engineer, initially specialising in computational fluid dynamics / aerodynamics - the modelling of flows in software, although there was a brief side-step into the development of robotic control software for moving probes around in wind tunnels. A long spell based in Montréal, Canada saw me working as the lead engineer on, what was at the time, and featuring some eight million lines of code, the most complex flight and tactical simulation ever built. On return to the UK after seven years I continued with my aerospace career until the stress of running a complex, difficult program began to take a health toll. A sabbatical spent cycling solo and unsupported the length of the Andes mountains in South America, raising funds for disaster relief charity Shelterbox, was an opportunity for me to re-evaluate my life choices; shortly after my return I resigned from my job with no plans for a future career other than to see what came along. Following a summer spent working as sea kayak expedition guide in the Outer Hebrides a casual request to build a cloud database and website application for a local business in 2012 lead to the establishment of what is now mikesimagination.net.


Coding for the web had been an interest of mine ever since the earliest days of its inception, and with years of software design experience, the transition to web development as a full time role was a logical and easy one. It was a transition in which my extensive software and user-interface background has allowed me to excel in the design of web applications, and the variety of projects and enjoyable client relationships continues to sustain my technical interest and desire to always do the best work I can.


The outdoors plays a large part in my life when away from my desk. In particular I have an interest in sea kayaking and cycling with a long amateur cycle racing 'career' behind me as well as a number of self-supported expeditions in the Himalayas, Andes, North Africa and so on under my belt.  Photography and writing is also something that I enjoy, and I have a popular personal blog with photos and stories from near and far: https://www.seasurfdirt.com.


I'm always keen to discuss project ideas so please do get in touch if you feel I can be of help in any way.