Digital restaurant menu system

12 Nov 2016

Here's something a little bit different that I was asked to build earlier this year. A fish and chip restaurant in Sweden got in touch and asked me if I could build a digital menu display system for them. There are a number of commercial systems available, some based on a cloud-subscription model and some as standalone systems to purchase, but the prices were found to be eyewatering so the brief was "could I build something affordable that would support an unlimited number of menus and that could be displayed on standard HD TVs". Of course I could....! The restaurant needed a minimum of four screens all displaying different menus and as the menus and catch change between lunch and dinner they had to be easy to edit and schedule. This version is cloud based but could just as easily be hosted on a local system, a laptop with a suitable display adapter would make it terrific for festivals and events as well as fixed installations - I have some ideas in that respect that I'm working on so stay tuned for that. The system is going to be available from me as an "off the shelf" product. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more.

In the meantime the basic feature list looks like:

  • Unlimited numbers of menus.
  • Use low cost HD TVs.
  • Display as many as required at a time, limited only by whatever display driver you have available, or dispense with that altogether and use smart TVs.
  • Schedule Menus.
  • Menus can be edited "in situ" - i.e editing is done in the final display context so you can always see how the menu is going to look.
  • Toggle full-screen display.
  • Multiple templates - eg full width, menu with sidebar, complex footer, simple footer etc etc for maximum versatility in advertising, promotions etc.
  • Full rich text editing capability - i.e text formatting, insert pictures and so on.


The graphic design for this one was done by the very talented Foxcub Studio.


An example menu with a sidebar and 3 column footer. Note that for the purposes of this blog and my primary readership I created a demo menu in English.. 


Editor View with floating formatting toolbar visible. Menus can also be edited in full screen mode.


Full width menu template under development. Some sort of mid-North Sea dialect I think..