Custom bicycle builder app

05 Nov 2015

Here's a quick, early preview of a web application I'm building for Cycle Logic - an online custom bike builder/configurator and finance app. The desktop interface (still under development) is shown, the mobile interface will follow. Fully configurable by admins it doesn't restrict the user to choices available only from Cycle Logic, users can choose to incorporate components purchased elsewhere, in the event they found a particularly good deal, or already had parts for example, and that can be included in the build. Users will be able to apply for finance via the V12 Retail Finance api, send their config to the store with questions, and share it around the web with their mates and so on via social media. It's something I think that is going to apply equally well to a number of industries - anything in which you want users to be able to custom configure 'something'.. be it a sea kayak, surf package, even a car...


Anyway, it should launch in the next month or so. I'll post an update when it's ready so you can go and play. (updated: here)

online custom bicycle builder app

online custom bike builder app