ADI Access

30 Mar 2015

One of the things I particularly enjoy about being a developer is being able to deliver solutions specifically built to meet a clients unique requirements. Aside from the satisfaction of being able to deliver something that other agencies have declined as being too difficult I also get the opportunity to work with some very inspiring people on inspiring projects. Each project becomes very much a journey as we work together to deliver something brilliant.

One of the latest projects I've been engaged to handle the development for is the brainchild of of a new business called ADI Access. Now that the patents have been registered I can talk a little bit about it. In short it's a revolutionary new product for the partially sighted and blind. I was staggered when I saw the statistics on just how many people as a proportion of the population are sight-impaired to the degree that a product like this has the potential to have an enormous impact on a very many lives.

From a development standpoint the core of the platform is to permit customers to choose their own configurations of embedded sound files depending on the situations in which each instance of the device is to be located, and following the completion of the purchase build the mp3 files on the server and deliver those direct to the manufacturer to be embedded in the devices. From a development standpoint not particularly challenging perhaps, aside from doing it in a way that works as intuitively and easily as is possible for all the interested users (i.e customers, admins, manufacturer etc) but this is really only the start.. post launch the technology has the potential to be expanded into a wide range of solutions. I'm particularly excited to be a part of this project, we have a great team on board and the future for it looks phenomonally bright.