Elementum Journal

28 Jun 2016

I have quite a backlog of material to post, the last few months have been very busy, so by way of starting to make a dent in that backlog I thought I would take a moment to mention something I was privileged to become involved with this past winter, It is also  easy for me to write about as all the hard work like thinking of appropriate words to use has been done for me ready for the launch which happened, to a terrific reception, back in April .. here in Cornwall at the Porthleven Festival.


Elementum Journal cover image


Elementum is a journal of new writing and visual arts that explores our connection to the natural world. We bring together the scientist’s findings with the artist’s response, the ecologist’s observation with the writer’s reflection, to offer the reader an immersive and insightful publication.


Surrounded by the Atlantic, we draw inspiration from the rocks and ruins, wildlife and flora, sea, sky and folklore of the Cornish peninsula. In seeking the spirit of place we will also look beyond these borders to other stories that link people with nature and landscape.


Guided by a different theme for each edition, Elementum will publish three times a year.


Elementum Journal preview


Elementum Journal preview


Elementum is based in Cornwall and it was a real privilege to be invited onboard with the project. It’s going to be beautiful and I do genuinely feel lucky to have been asked to build it. Do check out the website (click here) and you can find out more about the site in my portfolio by clicking here. You can also download an issue 1 preview from the ‘In Print‘ page and the online shop for purchasing subscriptions, fine art prints and so on is accepting orders in advance of the first print edition. If you're interested please do sign up for the newsletter via the form in the footer of the site to keep up to date as the launch continues. Having seen some of what’s coming from the writers, photographers and artists already on-board it will be well worth it.


Elementum Journal e-commerce website