Durability Case Study

18 Jun 2015

I thought this might be quite a good one to write about by way of illustrating a point about the value in hiring a competent developer rather than settling for 'just another wordpress/drupal/joomla/whatever' based site.


A few years ago I built a specialist jobs database and back-office application combined with a public site for Cornwall-based  recruitment agency Trial Balance Consulting. It was a success and served them well as the business went from strength to strength. It was built using our standard modular approach so when, a couple of months ago, we started talking about a refresh of the site I was able to offer a completely new front end with no changes necessary to the core application. That was particularly important  - the changes could be introduced with no disruption at all the business, especially important in key areas such as the timecard submittal service and continuation of jobs and candidate management.  While we were at it however we did take the opportunity to introduce some new features, such as a jobs by email subscription service - simply a case of integrating a new module into the application.

Trial Balance know their client demographic extremely well - generally young, tech-savvy with a significant proportion accessing the site via mobile devices. As an aside it is always worth researching your target marget well, there are tools available and it is something we can help with. So, with that in mind the new look is as lean as possible, optimised for mobile devices and continues the ethos of making jobs as accessible as possible with the minimum number of clicks. Attention spans on the internet are short so if the key content of your site is not obvious and accessible within a click or two then you will lose engagement.


Being able to simply introduce the new front end with minimal effort and no disruption meant the changes were low in cost and completed within a very short timescale. Feedback has been great and engagement with the new features enthusiastic.