Project Round Up

29 Jul 2015

I thought I would take a moment to talk about a few of the things I'm working on at the moment, each deserves a post of it's own as they all have interesting aspects to them, but by way of a quick run down prior to more detail... here's a summary:



Advanced Chemical Intermediates


I'm really enjoying working on this one, coming from an engineering/scientific background the subject matter is interesting in its own right but in addition to that the project had a set of very specific requirements that have required some original thinking with regards to the best way to deliver.. a high level of satisfaction with this one.


Advanced Chemical Intermediates, ACINTs, to use their own words "specialise in the synthesis of new chemical entities, functionalised intermediates and building blocks". Their primary customer is the drug discovery industry  - offering a range of chemistry services including custom synthesis, contract research, and consultancy services.  They were referred to me having failed to find an agency able to commit to delivery on their requirements.

ACINTs use a specialised offline database tool for managing their product catalogue. One of their requirements was that they continue to use that database rather than move everything into the cloud. It's an old tool and there is no direct means of accessing it remotely so one of the key requirements was a flexible, multi-step import/export process between that tool and the cloud-based database driving the website.


The public site also incorporates a graphical tool that permits a user to draw a structure and find matches on that in the database... as a result of that I learned about Smile Strings (I really like the diversity of stuff I get asked to do :-). The editor instance itself is a javascript app that has a number of methods available that allow a developer to do cool things like, in my case, extract the canononical Smile String to match against the products database and pre-load the editor with a molecular structure.

Other things... with more than 3500 products in the database there also had to be a way to offer a very structured search for users so I built a tool that allows the users to make choices based on Functional Groups and/or Ring Systems as a way of making a very efficient, targeted search. It's working really well.


I suppose really the key with this was to build something very much better in term of tools, usability and search engine effectiveness than their competitors.. It's not live yet but will be very soon and based on feedback so far we seem to have achieved, and surpassed that goal. Result!



ADI Access


"RoomMate, a real issue, a revolutionary solution". I mentioned this one briefly in an earlier post but it's now up and running and working really well. There is also good overview on the project crowdfunding page here if you'd like to know more about the background of it.


The 'uniqueness' of this project centers around the configuring of devices by the user during the order process. The admin tools offer a drag and drop interface for designing the available configurations of a devices - i.e a device configuration is divided into any number of steps and then within each of those steps the user can choose from a number of selections that describe the installation location of the device. When a customer orders and configures a device online the application builds the MP3 files appropriate to the chosen configuration and delivers those to the manufacturers portal ready for direct download into the devices. This was also a project I was asked to pick up after a previous developer was unable to deliver a solution that didn't involve lots of manual work building the device configurations each time an order was received.

It's a great product with a terrific team behind it that has the potential to impact millions of lives so it has been particularly satisfying to build something that facilitates that.

Looking to the future there will be versions of the device that are designed to be updateable with new configurations in the field - for example a hotel might have a number of devices that can be placed in rooms on request and each room might be different - so a customer portal that allows a device to be reconfigured and updated from any PC with a USB port.



Pure Nuff Stuff


I recently launched a new ecommerce site for Penzance-based natural skincare specialists Pure Nuff Stuff. They're a business that currently sell within the UK and overseas that are looking to grow their export sales. It's a very bespoke site with the full set of tools available on my ecommerce platform with a full set of tools for their European wholesalers, order fulfilment agents and so on. Wholesalers love the ability to register/validate their VAT numbers and the fact that it seamlessly shows prices in some 140 currencies all with real time exchange rates - it's allowed them to revise their own pricing to match the market. The ordinary customers appear to love it too with ease of access to the products and ease of ordering being top of the agenda. It is a personal bugbear that I do see some very cool looking ecommerce sites but when it comes to actually trying to find what you want or actually buy something then it's too often a complete ballache. For that reason I tend to favour very simple layouts for selling online that put the products in the forefront and allow the site owner to feature new products, seasonal products etc etc without having to engage a developer or designer to do the work.

I'm not publicising the site too much in my portfolio yet because the new product photography isn't ready yet so we're using pictures off the old site. They're not great.. but when the new stuff, courtesy of Exile Design, is done, and in combo with some great graphic design from Heather Allen, it will look fab. They've been, and are, terrific fun to work with which is great, and makes it even more satisfying to be able to make such a big difference to their business "can't TELL you how happy I am with how it works. And everyone here is just gob-smacked at how much time this saves us every day, honestly, we're such happy bunnies".


Ok that'll do for now.. there are a number of other bits and pieces ongoing - online bike configurator and finance application tool for CycleLogic ,  enhancements and new modules for ProCare Sports MedicineCamtec Photo in Montréal, WorldBlu's business learning/gamification platform continues to evolve and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, I even got asked to develop some funkiness in conjunction with the most excellent Exile Design for a Surfers Against Sewage campaign. Not dull :-)