New Year, New Projects

07 Jan 2016

January... often a depressing time of year.. the festive season has gone, the weather is often at its worst and spring seems a long way off... however I'm really happy to have been asked to work on a couple of rather special development projects for the next few months. Both are an opportunity to work with some really wonderful, talented people to build something beautiful that allows the respective businesses to take their online services to the next level.


Art Eye Creative Consultancy

In their own words "ART EYE is a vibrant creative consultancy, which is entirely devoted to sourcing, commissioning & curating exceptional art schemes for inspired spaces...". Art Eye have been around a few years now and the business is growing rapidly into new markets and providing new services so a new online platform in support of that expansion in both the short and long term future is required. It's going to be a rich, elegant platform offering a variety of premium services. 


Elementum Magazine

Another premium project to build something super-elegant to match the print edition. I'm very excited to be asked to work with the Elementum team on this as what they're doing is very much in tune with my world-view.... "Elementum is a journal of new writing and visual arts that explores our connection to the natural world.". It's going to be beautiful.


Stay tuned for news on both of these as they progress and also other ongoing project news. At the time of writing I'm once again working with WorldBlu to define requirements around the next edition, or rather 'evolution' of their Freedom Centered Leadership business learning and badging platform. It's a very complex application with the requirements definition being a key step that is often overlooked or given insufficient focus when a business is considering a new software project... One of my roles as a developer is guiding clients on the path to realising a comprehensive of requirements that adequately describe what they want to do, cater for scenarios and ideas that haven't been considered, and that can form the foundation of both a stable, properly functional build and a baseline against which future changes and updates can be managed properly.


Anyway, enough for now. Interesting times ahead :-)