Mostly Street

21 December 2019

Outside of coding I have two primary passions - travelling by bicycle, and street photography. An online portfolio of my own street photography has been long overdue according to various folk in the industry, so as a quick little side project I put one together recently.

It is a very straightforward site, deliberately so. I'm generally of the opinion that when it comes to the presentation of content then the simpler the better; unnecessary complexity does little more than present a barrier to that content. On smaller screens and touch devices in particular I also find the thumbnail + lightbox functionality present on many photo sites to be somewhat annoying, instead it is much easier to simply allow a user to scroll as they would any normal page. It's a familiar action that doesn't require any additional actions in order to view a photograph or its caption. Individual images can however be tapped / clicked to view larger.

The site is built upon an instance of my own Content Management System (CMS) that I wrote a few years ago and have been developing ever since. It is a super-lean system wth the emphasis on speed, user-friendliness, accessibility, and an absence of the often excessive bloat that characterises popular CMSs such as Wordpress. 

If you enjoy original street photography then the site is at: