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ArtEye Creative Consultancy

22 Dec 2016

Earlier this year and in conjunction with Design Room Cornwall we launched a new website for Cornwall-based ArtEye. The brief was quite demanding with requirements for a high end brochure feel appropriate to the market in which ArtEye operates, rich magazine-style layouts, lots of portfolios, a members area with paid subscriptions, premium content, client preferences and access to consultancy services, amongst others. The end result has been very well received and over the few months since the site was launched is growing to be a terrific resource of fine art related material. To achieve the magazine style layouts while still retaining a super intuitive admin user interface I developed a number of 'widgets' for the editors that allow a variety of content wrappers to be inserted into single editor instances that can then be configured and styled to achieve the complex layouts required. It means that essentially the page layouts can be created on the fly inside the editors by an admin user without any need for multiple templates, or complex editor setups. The site uses the modular content management system (CMS) and hence is well placed to accommodate updates and changes for years into the future with minimal overheads as the business evolves.

Anyway, the site has stacks of content and some super photography so rather than go on and on about it on here you might as well just go and look...

A few screengrabs below too. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more about the work behind the site, the features or any related query.. especially if you're looking for a developer to build something super...

High end website design for ArtEye Creative Consultancy


High end web design & development for ArtEye Creative Consultancy


top quality web design - development for ArtEye Creative Consultancy


High end web development and design for ArtEye Creative Consultancy


Foxcub Studio

20 Apr 2016

Continuing the somewhat sporadic theme of introducing various talented folk that I'm lucky enough to work with that I started back in October with Design Room.. please allow me to introduce Foxcub Studio.


graphic designer / illustrator website in Cornwall


Foxcub Studio, aka Elly Jahnz is a Falmouth (Cornwall) based graphic designer and illustrator with a rather wonderful, in my opinon, and versatile talent. She has a prestigious professional background with Seasalt Cornwall and recently set out on a  new freelance career path. There is not much more for me  to write except to include a few screengrabs of her work from the site I built her and then point you there,, where you can properly enjoy her work. If you are looking for a designer/illustrator then do consider hiring her. You won't regret it.


graphic designer / illustrator website in Cornwall

graphic designer / illustrator website in Cornwall

graphic designer / illustrator website in Cornwall

Design Room Cornwall

22 Oct 2015

I'm lucky enough to work with a diverse and extremely talented bunch of folk - not just around Cornwall but in the UK and farther afield as well. Designers, photographers and illustrators all have their individual styles and strengths so it not only means that I'm able to make recommendations and referrals based on each individual project, I also get access to all that talent and the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects for clients and businesses that I might not normally be exposed to. It also keeps my own work fresh and interesting. So, given all that talent I thought it would be nice from time to time if I introduced you. 


Recently completed  - Design Room Cornwall were responsible for producing the design, photography and illustration for the 168 page Great Cornish Fish Book in conjunction with Cornwall Food & Drink.


For the first in this occasional series of posts then I thought I would introduce you to Design Room Cornwall. A clever pair of girls, Sally and Emma with brilliantly complementary skills. In their own words: "We don't pretend to be the best at everything. We are pretty great (and modest) and like to do most things ourselves in the studio. We are however very fortunate to know a super talented bunch with whom we work on larger projects and on the stuff that they do best, making sure you get the best skills to make your project a success."


Branding for Mrs Middleton's oil, used by Michelin-starred chefs around the country.


The ideas that come out of their studio never cease to amaze me. They have a diverse client portfolio encompassing everything from branding, design for print and web, photography, books, interior design and more. They are a very special talent, approachable and well worth bearing in mind should you be looking for design services.


Logo design, labels, photography and promo materials for the premium Cornish Ketchup Company.


Design, branding and photography for web and print for


Go check 'em out... they do great coffee too:

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