Trial Balance Consulting

A few years ago we built a specialist recruitment database application and website for Trial Balance Consulting Ltd. It served them well so we recently gave the site a refresh and integrated some new features into the database and jobs management tools. Because the site was built using our modular approach we were able to build an entirely new public site, specifically optimised for the users demographic - i.e tech savvy and mostly using mobile devices, without any changes to the core application. Thus the new look was introduced for minimal cost and absolutely no disruption to normal business. Good for another few years!


Mike (& his team) were so very different in their approach, an incredibly talented individual from a technical point of view he will not accept second best & his attention to detail has been awe inspiring... I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike, in fact, if my company operated in his sector then I'd probably be trying to hire him myself.

Alex Callister, Director, Trial Balance Consulting (GB)


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