Painted Roads Cycling

Six years ago while cycling north through the deserts of Argentina, on my way to Bolivia, I made the acquaintance of a chap, David, who at the time was working as a guide for a large, well-known guided cycling holiday company. He had a vision so on my return to the UK we put our heads together and came up with Painted Roads. I helped David get the business off the ground and then took a  step back. In the five years since Painted Roads has grown to become known for wonderful, small-group guided cycling holidays throughout Asia with the emphasis very much on personal service. It was a real pleasure to be asked to build a new website for Painted Roads and renew my acquaintance with this rather special little business.


Bloody lovely! This is really most splendid. I knew you would do a lovely job, but this really has a great wow factor above and beyond what I expected -  love it.

- David Walker, Painted Roads Cycling

Based around the modular CMS the website features super-easy administration for managing tours, updates, clients and bookings such that the business can be managed from the seat of a bicycle with nothing more than an iPad. The site has been designed to be attractive but simple with straightforward, accessible presentation and an easy online booking process foremost in the brief. 


As the owner of Painted Roads Cycling I am delighted with Mike's work. The new website is not only beautiful from the outside, it's simple and efficient behind the scenes, and Mike is always happy to go the extra mile to make things work just so. And the real beauty is, my input was minimal, all I needed say was "time for a new website Mike", and this is what appeared!

- David Walker, Painted Roads Cycling



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