We're specialists in e-commerce with a growing portfolio of diverse businesses, both here in Cornwall and overseas, many of which export globally, and all of whom have enjoyed considerable success with our e-commerce solutions.

Whether you're just starting out or have been online for many years and are looking to take your business to the next level, or grow your export market, we are well placed to assist you by delivering solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Because we are not limited to only offering e-commerce websites based around off-the-shelf platforms we don't need to try and sell you something that isn't exactly right for your business. Rather we have the developer skills and e-commerce experience to deliver a site that will exceed your greatest expectations.

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Read on to find out more and learn why instances of our work are being used as examples of best practice in the world of online selling.

Mike is a brilliant "can do" developer. He built my company an e-commerce website with all sorts of functionality as I sell B2B; complex VAT issues have become easy, integration with Sage Accounts is simple, products that only certain people can see, etc. etc. He always works to give me control of the website, unlike many developers who like to keep the control with themselves, so you have to keep going back for even minor changes. The back office is highly intuitive, so no long training needed. My business has grown dramatically - in particular, average order size is now much bigger because Mike has made it so simple for people to order. The money I have spent with him has been recouped many times over because the website is so much more user-friendly and administratively simple. I've had more than 5 web developers over the years - Mike stands out as someone very special, and for exporters and would-be-exporters he’s definitely a great find.

Jane Thurnell-Read, Director Life-Work Potential Ltd

Simple to as advanced as you like

Selling online can be a complex business that requires continuous focus in order to be successful, so we offer a range of solutions from straightforward, upgradeable sites that can start as a low risk way to begin selling online right up to a state of the art e-commerce platform that can do everything you might want and a lot of things that possibly you'd never thought of.

Appropriate for your business

We understand that every online business is different so we will never try and sell you an e-commerce solution that is not appropriate for your business and that forces you to work in a specific way. We have the developer skills to build something that matches your business perfectly, result in more sales, save time,  and hence improve your profitability. We're interested in the success of your enterprise and thus we would rather help you to long term success at minimal profit to ourselves such that when you are ready for the 'full monty' you can come back to us and together we can enjoy the satisfaction of taking your online business to the next level and beyond.


Advanced & Custom Features

If you are looking to optimise and grow your existing e-commerce business then our full-featured framework will be perfect for you: Frustrated by the limitations, user-unfriendliness, and in some cases license fees, of commercially available platforms we went ahead and developed our own feature-rich and  enormously flexible e-commerce framework using the same modular approach as all of our applications such that future growth can be accommodated effortlessly. Our full-featured platform is also frequently observed to be "the fastest online shop I have ever seen..". Your customers will love it.

We specialise in e-commerce solutions to business-specific requirements and every instance of our e-commerce platform includes features that have been developed unique to each business. There is no need to workaround the limitations of the standard industry e-commerce offerings, you can have exactly what you want, whether it relates to customer loyalty rewards, customisable products, support for resellers and order fulfilment agencies and more.

The flexible, adaptable nature of our e-commerce framework and the principle of building it specifically to your requirements means it is impossible to give a definitive feature list here. We can provide you with a full feature list on request, just ask, and given our  experience across a range of industries if you tell us what your business is then we'll be able to suggest how our platform can be built especially for you. So do get in touch, no obligation, we'd love to be able to help you along the road to lasting success.

User-Friendly Design

The pages and tools available to your customers are designed to make it as easy and intuitive as possible to find and purchase your products. Additional features such as restricting products to to certain customer groups and the ability to define unlimited shipping zones and services only add to the ease with which people will be able to buy from you.


Clever Upselling

A range of upselling features are provided and all can be customised, or expanded to precisely suit your business and the way you sell. Your customers will like how easy it is to purchase the products they're looking for.


Our e-commerce platform is especially appropriate for businesses that sell, or want to sell overseas. For example customers can view your products in their choice of up to 140 different currencies, all with exchange rates never more than 2 hours old. It also features real-time VAT validation with the EC VAT database.. your European and wholesale customers will appreciate that. Interface with your shipping provider with automatically generated electronic customs information.


Save Money

With a suite of advanced order handling and invoice tools, for example exporting directly to Sage Accounts*, custom reports that can carve up your sales and customer data any way you like, stock management utilities, automated invoices and label printing, and much more, you will save a significant amount on your admin, book keeping and accountancy costs.

Cannot tell you how happy I am with how it all works, and everyone here is just gob-smacked at how much time this saves us every day.

Emily Kavanaugh, Director, Pure Nuff Stuff (Cornwall, GB)

Order Handling Companies, Shipping, Agents & Wholesalers

A wide range of features are provided in support of your agents, handling companies, shipping service providers and so on. Automated picklist and batch invoicing tools, automated electronic customs info export, permissions based access rights to order handling tools, bar codes, preferential shipping rates and private/restricted products for example. Minimises the amount of time you need to spend administering your online business.

Powerful Search Engine Tools

As well as optimum structure and presentation of your content, a wide suite of SEO tools are provided to allow you to fully maximise the effectiveness of your content with regard to search engines.


Easy Admin

The effective design of our admin tools means you can manage even the most complex of online businesses with the minimal amount of effort using an intuitive drag and drop interface.


Engage with your customers

As well as a built-in set of features for engaging with your customers such as allowing preferred customers privileges such as payment on account, send payment links, follow-up and assist with failed checkouts, the ability to create and customise email templates and more, our e-commerce platform is also ready to  be fully integrated with external CRMs (Customer Relationship Management tools)  such as InfusionSoft, Drip, Sugar CRM and more.



Our platform is secure, PCI DSS compliant**, and has a number of built in features to prevent hacking. No instance of our platform has ever failed a Trustwave vulnerability scan.

Since the early days of on-line commerce, we have tried several e-commerce platforms, both off-the-shelf and custom built. Invariably, we either ended up in a place where, faced with an engine’s inflexible structure, we badly compromised or even abandoned what we needed to do. We finally turned to mikesimagination.net. He listened to our needs and created a powerful and intuitive engine, bilingual and configurable down to the smallest detail. Our on-line shop now has the look and feel that it should have had from the get-go. What we ended up with is a powerful engine that converts a few simple clicks and entries done in the Admin side, into a cohesive and clear presentation to our customers on the website. Everything is beautifully and simply designed, and has an intuitive flow. The ease of use and speed with which we can configure items, categories, orders, client contacts and follow-up is unbeatable. The engine has turned the process from one we dreaded, to one of pure pleasure. The whole dynamics of how we approach our on-line presence and business has changed for the better. Working with Mike has been a breath of fresh air, and we wholeheartedly endorse and recommend his e-commerce platform.

Jean Bardaji, Director Camtec Photo (Montreal)

* Requires the purchase of a windows-based utility from Adept Software, currently £125.
** PCI DSS Compliance encompasses much more than simply the security of your website, and it is the responsibility of the client business to demonstrate compliance. Most businesses will be able to self-certify and also engage the services of a third-party vulnerability scan provider. You can find more information about PCI DSS compliance by clicking here.