Cornico Coffee (e-commerce)


A while ago I started developing my own e-commerce platform in response to some of the requests my clients had for highly customised, business-specific functionality, and in some cases both multi-lingual, multi-tax regime, multi-currency export oriented sites. I had also grown frustrated with the commonly used platforms for various reasons:

Out of my clients requirements came a flexible, modular, efficient platform that can run on low-powered shared hosts, and that allows me to deliver on every requirement my clients might have no matter how unusual or complex. It is in use with a number of businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, in many cases with some very bespoke functionality, particularly with respect to the business admin tools. 

This latest instance for Cornwall-based Cornico Coffee is not particularly bespoke but it does serve to illustrate the performance benefits. Running on a basic shared hosting package it achieves the following Google Lighthouse scores:

Cornico Coffee website Lighthouse scores

As an aside I have not been making e-commerce jobs into progressive web apps (service workers and so on) since a connection is always required in order to check-out, but I am considering making sites browsable off-line with a locally stored cart. Always keen to hear opinions on that. 

The project was undertaken in conjunction with Design Room Cornwall; the team there being responsible for branding and graphic design, and myself for all of the code. The site serves as both informational portfolio and e-commerce site as Cornico generally sell to the trade but do also like to support retail customers too.

The high contrast, straightforward look, and underlying semantically meaningful markup, is designed with accessibility first and foremost in mind; it would be an invalid assumption to say that only individuals without any form of visual impairment are interested in coffee. It is also reasonable to state that any site designed with accessibility principles foremost in mind, will also deliver a good user experience for everyone else. Complexity in design can look cool but can also serve as a barrier when the whole point of a site is tell people what they want to know, and ultimately.. buy product. Of course there is far more to good, accessible design than passing an automated test, but once in the habit of making informed code decisions it isn't hard.

Intended for the UK market only, this site has a fairly standard suite of admin tools such as batch invoice and shipping label printing, invoice export to Sage Accounts (Xero also supported), stock management either in isolation or via Sage, customer contact email tracking for traceability, Click & Drop export and so on.

There will be a full case study shortly detailing the underlying e-commerce platform in depth and highlighting some of the features and modules that have been delivered to a variety of businesses.



Cornico Coffee home page screenshot

Cornico Coffee product page screenshot