Barra Bike Hire

Bicycle hire in the Outer Hebrides

Barra Bike Hire custom illustration for website


I'm lucky enough to have a number of business relationships with small tourism and adventure operators in the Outer Hebrides. It's a really special part of the world that I love to visit when I can having spent a period of time living and working on the islands. Working to support small businesses all the way out there at the opposite end of the nation to where I'm based helps keep my connection to the islands alive while I'm in Cornwall.

You really never cease to impress me with your efficiency and responsiveness. I can only describe the service as top notch and first class in every respect. You are a real gold star ambassador to your profession.

This site was a really lovely little job that featured some super illustration from Cornwall-based Foxcub Studio. There's nothing flashy about the site, the aim was to keep things as simple and accessible as possible, easy for people to find and book bikes online, and be super easy to maintain and manage hire packages and bookings. The admin has tools for defining hire resources, periods, and prices as well as tools for managing bookings. The business has done really well since the launch of the site with significant year-on-year growth in bookings.


Barra Bike Hire website and bookings screengrab

Barra Bike Hire website and bookings screengrab