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Custom online bike configurator application

Banshee Bikes New Zealand contacted having been looking for an online custom bicycle builder application for quite some time. The invaluable input and insights from the director of Banshee Bikes NZ/3Sixty Sports as regards component compatibilty and standards, and vision for the configurator helped make this edition of the online configurator the most capable ever.

Banshee Bikes custom bicycle builder web application

The cycling world, and mountain bikes in particular, is beset with multiple standards that affect component compatibility in many ways - between components in a group, between groups, and globally. As a consequence of that other similar web applications to date have not been able to offer a truly comprehensive user experience that does not limit the customer in any way - rather the usual solution is that components must be laboriously grouped together and the configurator forces the user along  particular path with very limited options. This application solves all of those problems and offers maximal flexibility that allows a user access to all products in the catalogue and then calculates product inter-compatibility on the fly as the user makes their selections. It even permits multiple paths through the configurator, for example allowing choices been a complete wheelset or choosing components for a custom wheel build. Similarly for groupsets - a user can choose to have a complete factory group or choose their own groupset components. All of these relationships are definable via the admin tools without having to set component compatibility on a product by product basis, thus allowing a larger number of products to be presented - in this instance almost 600 products or product variants are available to the user at once.

It works beautifully! Awesome working with you and long may it continue!

Bruce Davey, Director, 3Sixty Sports, New Zealand

In this instance the configurator needed to be displayed in the context of an existing parent Wordpress site so while it is not part of the wordpress install it uses the wordpress header, menus, footer and so on such that it appears to be a part of the main site but is not limited by the architectural and performance constraints of having to build within a wordpress context. The configurator can also be set up as a standalone website/app, or as a module for our e-commerce platform.


Key Features

Each instance of the configurator app can be customised to precisely suit the needs of a business but in summary the key features are as follows:


Banshee Bikes custom bicycle builder web application

Banshee Bikes custom bicycle builder web application